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It may be a daunting task to select a right tow vehicle for your recreation vehicle (RV) because there is much less information available on the topic. It is possible that no dealer in your area will allow you to hook up your vehicle and test which tow vehicle is right for you. Only one option is left and that is to be dependent upon vehicle’s documentation. Firstly, you have to decide whether you need two or four-wheel drive. You will have to check vehicle’s specifications regarding its towing capacity, engine, transmission, brakes, suspension and its luxury features.

I am suggesting some guidelines that you should adhere to while buying a vehicle for towing your RV.
Weight of trailer: You should know about the two main terms GVWR and GCWR. GVWR refers to Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and GCWR means Gross Combined Weight Rating. You will have to know GVWR and actual weight of the vehicle and for this purpose you can not rely on the brochure of the vehicle. The weight given in the brochure pertains only to unloaded RV with no options. To get actual weight you have to go to ground weighing machine in your locality and weigh the RV.

Weight of Loaded Vehicle: While choosing the right towing vehicle, think about the weight to be carried in your vehicle. GVWR is the maximum permissible weight that your vehicle can carry. This includes the weight of vehicle, weight of passengers to be carried, weight of cargo, fuel and luggage etc. The total weight to be carried can not exceed GVWR in any way. If you have to carry more loads then consider buying the vehicle with high GVWR.

Type of Vehicle: This may be a truck, Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), any other passenger vehicle or a large sedan. It all depends upon your budget and necessity. If you need to tow small travel trailer or a camping trailer you should not think of a tow truck. You should buy a smaller and less expensive vehicle.
Tow Ratings: For knowing about the tow ratings of a particular vehicle, you will have to consult its manual. Different vehicles have different tow ratings which directly affects their towing capacities. Seemingly similar vehicles may have different tow ratings and some vehicles are totally incapable of towing.
Type of Frame: Two types of frames are available in vehicles these days.
1. Full-frame
2. Unit-body

The better option is to have full-frame vehicles although it is some expensive. These are capable of towing heavy loads and tow hitch can be directly attached to it. It minimizes the risk of any possible strain on the body of the vehicle. On the other hand with the unit-body vehicle the load is shared by body and the chassis both as tow hitch is attached to the body or bumper. This increases the risk of strains, creaks and rattles.