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An excellent condition of a car is very much essential to achieve the best results in both driving and to enjoy the pleasant journey. A car should be kept in good condition in order to get best results while driving and have a pleasant journey. A thorough service is needed before taking the car in the high way. The tyre should be checked well for wear and tear and need to be replaced if necessary. In cold countries which have extreme climates extra care has to be taken.

If anything happens in the middle of the journey everything will be spoiled although we have good service care. Prevention is always better than cure. Take out all the precautionary measures before you come out of the garage.
First of all the windscreen wiper should be in good condition otherwise the driving will be dangerous if the windscreen wiper doesn’t clear the glasses properly. Snow will hide the path and meet an accident. The fuel tank should be cleaned .It should be seen that the fuel tank is always one fourth full.

The engine oil needs to be changed before leaving. By changing the oil the car runs smoothly. Another precautionary measure needing attention is the brake; it should be checked carefully since without it we will be in great danger. Brake needs special care. The car mechanic should be specifically asked to do it. Negligence of brake care will lead to accident.


All the parts may be in good condition but driving has to be taken good care of to avoid accidents. Maintenance of car forms 69%and the rest depends on your driving. The car should be handled smoothly in order to keep it long lasting .In bad weather extra precaution has to be taken.

The external part of the car should be taken in to account as they play a vital role as the inner parts. The outer part of the car has to be cleaned thoroughly washed and waxed in order to protect it from the cold weather. Otherwise they tend to get rusted and spoil the car.

Maintaining a car is really an art. One should have love and affection to the car in order to keep it in good condition and at the same time avoid accidents. Take car of the parts of your car as you do a safety drive.
Self driving is safer and keeps the car and the engine in good condition for quiet a number of years. Just as we need health check up every 4 to 6 months, a car also needs regular servicing now and then to keep it in good condition. As soon as it reaches a particular mileage as recommended by the dealers it is best to send it to the work shop