Towing car law, ford towing guide, vehicle towing mass guide

However careful we may be in maintaining the car some times it happens that it stops in the middle of the road and needs to be towed to the work shop. In such cases a tow bar is to be used to drag the car to be repaired. Tow bar connects both the vehicles/Ready brake is to be used in a straight path to reach the brake pedal. If there is a bend in between it won’t serve its purpose properly. Drop receiver should always be placed between Ready brake and RV and never between Ready brake and tow bar.

Before towing the vehicle it has to be checked that everything is secure. The cable should be installed in the towed vehicle and hooked up. The cable should be able to move freely, while towing the car the safety cable has to be connected cross. The cable connected to the driver seat of the car to be towed should be connected to the passenger seat in the RV and the cable connected to the passenger seat in the car to be towed should be connected to the driver seat in the RV. This is compulsory since even is the tow bar gets disconnected this cable will help to balance the car being towed and move in the centre rather than moving left or right before the RV is stopped.

While driving the car to the workshop keep in mind that the vehicle you are driving is long as it is pulling another vehicle at the back. Care should be taken especially while turning and slowing down. Extra distance has to be maintained between the vehicle in the front since ours is a long vehicle.

Towing a car to the nearest garage is a really strenuous job since it involves lot of care so that both the cars don’t get damage since it has to be towed in a balanced manner so that the car being towed doesn’t get drifted away either on the right or on the left side of the road.

The mechanic who comes to take the car should be an expert in tying the car to the vehicle which is going to take it to the garage. Another important thing taken into account is the brake, when we stop the vehicle in the front then both the car being towed and the vehicle which is towing need to be stopped simultaneously , hence the brake plate need to be connected properly. The tow bar connecting the two vehicles should be of good quality and in good condition. The person driving the tower should be alert while driving since it is like driving a trailer truck.